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Las Vegas Weather:
Vegas Weather

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What is the tempurature in Vegas

Las Vegas Weather

In Las Vegas it can reach temperatures of over 110° in the summer and below 30° in the winter. I bet you are saying to yourself it is a dry heat, keep saying that to yourself when you arrive and your shoes are melting to the sidewalk.

The Good news about Vegas Weather is that over 300 days of the year it is sunny.

The Casino pools are open from about April to October, some vegas pools are open all year round.

Las Vegas is built in a dessert environment, so there is very little humidity and in the daytime the temperatures in the summer are hot and the night time high is about 75°. The Vegas Temperature in the winter hits a high an average high of 62° and a low of 35°.

What to Wear in Vegas During Summer:
Wear shorts in the daytime and go casual at night, either kakis or jeans.

What to Wear in Vegas During Winter:
Wear pants in the daytime and evening, you may have to carry a light jacket in the daytime and especially at night if you plan on running around.

You will see a lot of people wearing short in Vegas no matter what time of year it is

Not to worry check out our What to Wear in Vegas section to get all your Vegas Clothing questions answered.

Las Vegas Temperatures:
Jan - Feb       60° High - 37° Low
Mar - Apr       75° High - 49° Low
May - Jun       95° High - 65° Low
July - Aug       105° High - 70° Low
Sep - Oct       89° High - 50° Low
Nov - Dec       65° High - 39° Low