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What's the best time to visit Vegas? We're here to help The Vegas iPhone App has a ton of resources for you to use on your quest to Vegas domination, including Vegas nightclubs, vegas restaurants, vegas attractions, and a GPS tracker we like to call the Friend Finder. Get it here.

Picking the right time to visit Las Vegas can make or break your experience there. With so many different factors affecting your potential satisfaction on your trip, we've decided to break things down and give you the insider information:

Look for the Bargains and Slow Seasons

During the slow times (typically late November through Christmas and then early January) and weekdays (rates are cheaper Sunday through Thursday), many things are cheaper and easier to do in Vegas. If you're looking for the best rates and airfare, get prices from several different sites and check them daily. If you're flexible enough to do this, a day, a week, or even a month's time can make a huge difference monetarily if you're patient. Generally speaking, the winter months are the best time to get good rates, as long as you don't mind not being able to lounge around the pool (chances are you'll still be nice and warm, though). If there is a specific show or attraction you'd like to see, be sure and call ahead, as many of them take vacations or breaks during the winter months. If you want the hot weather, June through August is another lull in the action, and you'll get good rates--just bring your sunscreen!

More Cost-Cutting

Rent a car when you're in Vegas. If you go mid-week or off-season, don't expect to pay more than 25 bucks a day. That's more gambling money for you! If you're going for a cheap hotel, stay at any of the ones downtown like The Vegas Club. It's possible to get rooms for 35-45 dollars per night.

Planning for Rushes

Be sure to check out what's going on around Vegas during the time you'll visit. Even smaller holidays, things like the Super Bowl, and more can jam Vegas up. If you're a new player at any of the games and don't mind staying up, 2am-7am is your best time to try out games with minimal pressure. Conventions are another thing that drive up room rates and overcrowd areas, so be sure to look at those too. In short, plan ahead and be flexible, and you'll come out on top, both money- and happines-wise.