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Alcohol in Las Vegas, Cheap Alcohol in Las Vegas

Alcohol in Vegas is sold anywhere and everywhere in Vegas. The drinks run from cheap to outrageous.

Can you dring alcohol on the Vegas strip.
You are allowed to drink alcohol on the Vegas Strip, and you can walk around with it as well. What will get you in trouble is acting like a fool and stumbling around (public intoxication). Also, you cannot drink alcohol in a vehicle or a cab unless it is a chartered service.

There are liquor outlets up and down the Strip. The one we most frequent is between Harrah’s and Imperial Palace. The liquor stores on the Strip in Vegas are definitely cheaper than in your hotel. Along the Las Vegas Strip, you can get margaritas by the yard, and your favorite drink or beer in a huge plastic guitar, which you can rock out with as you walk.

Free Drinks in Vegas
Anyone 21 years or older can get free drinks in Vegas if you gamble a little bit and ask your cocktail waitress for a drink. We highly recommend you tip your Vegas waitress at least a little bit for each drink. We usually tip our waitress at least a dollar.

Cheap Drinks in Vegas
There are $1 drinks up and down the Strip and downtown Vegas. There are signs everywhere for $1 Margaritas and Beer. Be warned, the margaritas have gotten a lot smaller over the years. The beer is a great value because it comes in plastic bottles.

Expensive Drinks in Vegas
Any time you are in a club or at the pool, the drinks start at $10 - $20 apiece.

If you want a table in a Vegas nightclub, you will be required to get bottle service. This can range from one bottle for the night to one or two bottles an hour.

The cost of the souvenir cup at a Strip pool is $20. The cost for a bucket of beer is around $25, and a regular drink at the pool starts around $5.

List of liquor outlets on the Vegas Strip

ABC Stores
Suite 145, 3663 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas
(702) 733-7182

ABC Stores
3200 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas
(702) 732-2358

Lee's Discount Liquor
3480 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas
(702) 458-5700

Strip Liquor
3049 Las Vegas Blvd S # 22
Las Vegas
(702) 733-9700

Super Liquors
4080 Paradise Rd # 4-5
Las Vegas
(702) 734-2600

Super Liquor
3999 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas

Walkway Liquor Store
3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas
(702) 739-2222