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How much to tip in Vegas
Vegas Tipping Guide

We answer the tipping question at least once a month.
Please note Las Vegas is a service based industry. Casino employees cannot survive on their salary alone, so please remember to tip.

Tipping Cab Drivers
The Rule of thumb for tipping taxi drivers is 15% of your total fare.
Base your tips on how much your driver does for you: i.e. Informative, Quickness, and how they handle your luggage.
We have been known to tip our cabbie based on how fun they were.
** Do not let the cab driver take you through the tunnel and on to the highway going to or from the airport, it is a rip off
Check out our Vegas Taxi section: Vegas Taxis

There are some simple rules to tipping dealers. Tokes are what the dealers call them. Do not tip them in the middle of a hand during a card game. Do not tip in the middle of a persons roll during craps. Also, wait until all bets are off the table before you toke a dealer. You may tip between plays and when you are ready to leave. Not to worry the dealers won't let you make a mistake.

Tip your Bellman $1.00 a bag. Tip them more if you ask them to do anything additional, like hailing taxis or have a lot of luggage.

Front Desk
If you are looking for a room upgrade this is a good place to spend your money. The front desk clerk will not accept your tip at first so do not be put off by this, slip them the money when you show them your identification. We have spent between $5.00 and $50.00 Depending on the Casino.

The Concierge helps you with arranging show tickets, tee times, transportation, butler service etc... Tipping the concierge is based on how much you want handled. For a low roller who just want's show tickets about $5 to $20.00 is acceptable, of course it depends on the show. For a person who wants to go large, you will have to pay your concierge based on your play.

Cocktail Waitress
Always tip your waitress. Their income is almost soley based on tips. $1 to $2 dollars a drink is normal for up to 5 people. We have found the better you tip the wait-staff the more they will come around and the better and bigger the drinks become.

Buffet Waiters
The staff is all minimum wage, but it is a buffet. Depending on where you are eating you should tip accordingly. We have found for the average buffet $1 to $3 dollars a person is ok. Remember you are really only paying for them to refill your beverages, they do not bring your food to your table.

Tipping in restaurants is 15% - 20%. Restaurants can apply their own tipping requirements for larger parties.

Room Service
We are not sure where the money goes when you give the bellman a tip for bringing your food. We usually give 15% or $5.00 depending on the Casino.

Maid Service
Give the Maid Service $1 - $2 for each day of your stay. If you are a high roller then the tip should be much much more.

Butler Service
The going rate for butler service is a mystery of its own. Tipping butlers depends on the services you require, Dinners, Entertaining Guests and the level of service. You should end up paying 10% of your total bill.

Change Attendant
Tip your Slot Attendant if you win about 1% - 5%

Slot Supervisor
You will only see this person if you win or do something terribly wrong. Same applies for the Slot Supervisor as the Change Attendant, 1% - 5%

Valet Parking
$1 - $2 per valet for dropping off and picking up. If you want front row parking or easy access to your car be prepared to pay up to $40 for this service during a special event.

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