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Here are some tips and tricks for your Las Vegas Trip
Please follow the links on the left to find out about Things to do in Vegas, Tipping in Vegas, Vegas Attire and What to wear in Vegas, Vegas Taxis, Vegas Do's and Don'ts and more.

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When coming to Las Vegas it is always good to be informed about: Gambling, What to wear in Vegas, Las Vegas Hotels, Tipping in Vegas and safety.

Safety is always a concern on any trip, and Las Vegas is no exception. Just make sure you always keep your belongings close to your person and ladies always keep you purse within eyes view. Do not hang your purse on the back of a chair or in-between slot machines, someone can grab it from the other side of the isle. Keep it on your lap or infront of you.

While at a slot machine, do not fall for one of the oldest tricks in the book, where a thief throws money on the ground next to you, and when you go to pick it up, your purse or coins are gone.

When gambling be as informed about the game you are playing as possible. Do not walk up to a Baccarat table without first having some knowledge of the game. Most casinos have a training class during the day for various games, they usually start at 9 or 10am.

Drinking laws or Alcohol laws, Yes you may walk on the Las Vegas Strip nad have an open container of alcohol. Mind your P's and Q's because if you are staggering drunk they will haul you away. Just be responsible whil waling down the strip with alcohol.

Smut Peddlers or Call Girl Cards on the strip are anoying, for us anyway. The best and only way we found to avoid them is not to make eye contact and keep your hands down to your sides while walking past them. They will usually make a noise by slapping their cards or books against their hands to get your attention, but do not let that fool you. But, please do not bother them, they are trying to make a living.

When coming to Las Vegas make sure you pack for the Vegas Weather; it is usually hot in the summer time and temperate to cold in the winter.