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Las Vegas Gambling

Las Vegas is all about getting some lady luck and striking it rich. We all have dreams. We have all won a few and lost a few, but the thing to remember is that this is one of the only places where can you get this type of entertainment for the price you are paying. Be sure to check out our articles for beginning players as well.

Here are a few things to remember:
(1) Always know the rules of the game you are playing
(2) The house always has the edge
(3) Sign up for a Slot Club Membership card to keep those comps rolling in.

You may lose some money at the tables, but if you do your homework, you could end up ahead and with the comps the casinos are giving out.

If you just donít understand a particular game, most casinos have gambling lessons in the morning. Also if you are new to a game, play in the morning or afternoon. You will find a lower minimum bet, and usually friendlier staff.

There are many resources on how to gamble, from books to help online. Donít pass up an opportunity to learn. Treat your gambling as if you are buying a car; get as much knowledge you can before heading out.

Las Vegas Gambling Do's and Don'ts
Vegas Do's and Don'ts Full List


-Make sure you understand the rules of the game you are playing.
Ask the dealer for help, especially in the afternoon if you are learning a game.
-Find out when the lessons are provided for a certain game.
-Make sure your payout is correct.
-Put the higher denomination chips on the bottom of the stack.
-"Color me up" means take all the small denomination chips and make them into a larger denomination chip(s), do this before you get up to play another game or cash out.
-Play the maximum amount of coins in a slot or video poker machine, -Play a lower denomination slot and play more credits.
-Join the Slot Club.
-Be prepared to pay taxes if your winnings on a single slot pull are more than $1,199.00. This is not applicable to table games, unless the odds are 300 to 1 with a $600 bet.


-Don't bend the cards.
-Don't touch your chips after the dealer says no more bets.
-Do not hand money directly to the dealer; place it on the table for the dealer to pick up.
-Don't be careless with your belongings or chips.
-Don't place items on the table when you are gambling, especially electronics. Most casinos will allow you to have a basic strategy card.

If you are still unsure, e-mail us with your questions and we will be happy to give you our free unbiased opinion. Vegas Questions

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