The information is just a guess. Don't let the numbers scare you.

Vegas Itinerary:

Cost Breakdown (Per Person)


$45.00 (For DK) and $100.00 @ the counter

Room Fees:

$112.00 (Total for the trip)

Daily Food:

$40.00 High Brow (40 x 4 days= 160)

>$25.00 Budget (25 x 4 days= 100)


$100 (Per Day) depends on the person (100 x 4 = 400)

hmmm.... depends on the person ehh...
MB: Well then I guess that would be me...
AK: Bloody peasant!
MB: Oh, what a give away. Did you here that, did you hear that, eh?.... That's what I'm on about -- did you see him repressing me, you saw it didn't you? (MB)


$114.00 (Total for all shows)

Luxor Fun:

$24.00 (3D, Rides, Movies)


$20.00 (Rain Night Club)


$Free (Club Rio)


$Drinks (Voodo Lounge)

Gold Coast:

$5.00 (Bowling)

After six hours at the buffet would that be bowling or boweling? (MB)

Cab Fare:



$1105.00 (This number reflects the whole hog)

What if I can only afford the hock? (MB)

I recommend bringing some cash but charging everything you can.

I recommend bringing some cash but, charging everything to CW's credit card! (MB)

Here is request list:


Rio Buffet (breakfast)
Rio Buffet (Sunday Brunch)
Rio Seafood Buffet (Dinner)
Aladdin Buffet (Lunch/Dinner)


Penn & Teller $65.00 (We must get the tickets early)
Ron Lucas $19.95 (3:00pm)
Mac King $6.95 (2 for 1) (1:00pm & 3:00pm)
Scinta’s $49.95 (2 for 1) (7:30pm)

Watch the fat guy and the short guy make your money disappear. Hey! thats just like atomi... Nevermind! (MB)


Bellagio Fountains (Night)
Luxor (Movies and the eclectic shop)
Caesars Palace (Gaming, Sign up for a player’s card)
Barbary Coast (Gaming - Sign up for the fun club)
Mandalay Bay (Shark Reef)
Stratosphere (Up Top for a look see)
Palms (Gaming - Sign up for a slot card online @
Aladdin (General Milling About)
Lady Luck
     Foot long hot dog for 75˘.
     Register for their slot club and they give
     you a funbook which has a coupon for the hot dog
     which can be redeemed at the hot-dog cart at the back
     of the casino. The snack bar has 75˘ shrimp cocktail
     if you use the coupon from their free funbook
     (otherwise it costs $2.25).
Gold Coast
     Huge Texas T-Bone that includes potato, onion rings,
     Texas toast, baked beans and a 16 oz. draft beer, all for $7.95.
     It's available 24 hours.

Average Day
After CW gets back from the “Snackateria” with his $6.00 coffee, everyone should be just about awake. Except MB he gets up at the Crack of Noon.

Don't forget the eight mean rock squats! (MB)

We should all follow CW to the morning buffet spilling over the lunch buffet, or until the Sushi shows up. Then we are off for the day!

Thursday September 26th 2002
For those of us who can take the day off MB and MS may have to leave in the morning.

Don't hate the playas... hate the game... (MB)

The rest of us can fly later in the day.
The Flights are as follows 12:45 (most open), 4:35, 7:75, and 8:50.
If we do split up, I will call ahead and make sure they let you get into the rooms.
If that happens make sure: we are in the Masquerade Towers, start sliding a $20.00 to whom ever it at the counter and ask “are their any upgrades available” if they say no pull the $20.00 back.

Or you could just slide me the twenty and I'll take ya out back and kick ya in the n*#ts and we'll call it even... (MB)

Also ask for adjoining rooms.

Remember there is a 3 hour time difference.