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How to get cheap tickets in Vegas

Sometimes Vegas shows can be too rich for your blood, and we realize this. It's time to get resourceful to get the shows you want! With that in mind, we offer some quick tips to cheap Vegas show tickets:

Last Minute Tickets--Risk and Reward

If you get to the show of your choice about two hours in advance, you've got a shot at good seats for a fraction of the cost, should there be any left. This works best if you just need a seat or two and don't mind sitting in separate seats. Popular shows sell fast though, so keep in mind that you may not get one.

Reserve Tickets Beforehand

You should use the hotel website where the show is being performed to get the lowest show ticket rates. You also want to get tickets as early as possible. Earlier shows and Sunday through Thursday are the easiest times to see the shows you want. Don't forget to plan ahead if you're seeing multiple shows to see which days the show isn't playing, as many have only select dates.

Half Price Tickets (Sometimes)

There are stores located in several discount kiosks in Las Vegas that specialize in selling discount show tickets offered on the same day of the performance. They include the Fashion Show Mall entrance, North Strip across Stardust hotel, and downtown near the 4 Queens hotel. You can get great deals but a limited selection.

Free Tickets

Some shows, like the circus acts at Circus Circus, are always free. A good way to get comps is to sign up for a free Players Card, available at almost all the casinos. You can also sign up to view a timeshare presentation, but only do this in a trusted location like a hotel, so you ensure you get your tickets.

Discounted Tickets on the Street

Remember, if it's too good to be true, and a deal seems a little "off," don't bother. Chances are the nice person on the street just sold you a pair of fake show tickets. Don't be fooled.

Also, the Vegas iPhone App has a ton of resources for you to use on your quest to Vegas domination, including clubs, restaurants, attractions, and a GPS tracker we like to call the Friend Finder. Get it here.