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Taxi Fares in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Taxis

Getting a Taxi at the Airport is easy if you know where to go. After riding the Airport Shuttle / Monorail from the Terminals you will be heading to Baggage Claim. When entering Baggage Claim look to your right you will see 3 sets of sliding doors. After your have retrieved your baggage go through the middle set of sliding doors and go left to find the end of the queue line. The Line for a Taxi at McCarran Airport goes pretty quick even if you are the last person in line. They have in the order of over 30 pick up spots, so every thirty or so seconds a new set of 30 taxis arrive.

Do Taxis in Vegas accept Credit Cards, YES
Most Taxis in Vegas Now accept Credit Cards

The Approximate costs for a taxi from the McCarran Airport to the Las Vegas Strip:
These prices do not account for construction and traffic.

Taxi Fares in Vegas
$14.00 to South end of the Vegas Strip, MGM
$16.00 to Mid Vegas Strip, Harrah's
$19.00 to the North Vegas Strip, Riviera, Circus Circus
$24.00 to the Wynn las Vegas $20.00 To the far North end of the Strip, Stratosphere

Off Strip
$18.00 for the taxi fare to Rio and The Palms

Taxi fare to Downtown Las Vegas
$24.00 from the Vegas Airport to Downtown Vegas

Can you ask the taxis wait in Vegas, YES
Waiting time for Vegas Taxis is $30.00 an hour.

Tell the taxi drive not to use the tunnel when staying on the strip, use Paradise Road when going to or from the Airport. It will be a lot cheaper and fast, it could save you as much as $10.00 to $15.00 depending on where you are going

Know where you are going and speak clearly. A lot of the Vega Taxi drivers have an accent.

When on the Las Vegas Strip you cannot hail a cab and expect them to pull over it is illegal. Find the nearest Vegas Casino and ask the bellman or valet where the taxi stand is located and wait there. You can also hail a taxi on the strip next to a drive way or side street so they can pull in, but this doesn’t always work unless it is late or early depending on you schedule.

Be prepared to wait in line at the taxi stand, especially during weekend nights.

You cannot pay for the cab fare with casino chips. The only place casino chips should be used is at the Casino you bought them or for collecting.

The Vegas open container law state that you may NOT take alcohol in any taxi or vehicle unless it is a chartered bus.

There will be an initial charge of $3.30 when you get in the cab. If a taxi ride originates at McCarran International Airport, an additional airport surcharge of $1.80 is added the taxi meter will assess a fare of $2.60 per mile ($.20 for each 1/13th of a mile traveled). If the taximeter senses that the taxicab is moving less than 8-12 MPH, the taximeter will assess a charge of $.25 (twenty-five cents) every 30 seconds. That is why the taximeter continues to accumulate charges even when the taxicab is not moving. Once the taximeter senses that the taxicab is moving at a speed greater than 8-12 MPH the fare calculates on the actual distance traveled.

For more informationn on Vegas Taxis go here: Nevada Taxicab Authority

Ace/ABC Union/ANLV/Vegas Western Cab Company
(702) 736-8383

Deluxe Taxicab Service
(702) 567-0557

Desert Cab Company
(702) 386-9102

Henderson Taxi Company
(702) 384-2322

Lucky Cab Co.
(702) 477-7555

Nellis Cab Company
(702) 248-1111

Western Cab Company
(702) 736-8000

Whittlesea/Blue Cab Company
(702) 384-6111

Yellow/Checker/Star Cab
(702) 873-2000