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Las Vegas Slang
Las Vegas Terminology

This document will help you figure out what people are saying.

Complimentary, Spend enough money Gambling and now shopping at a Casino and you will get comped. Comps can range from a free meal to everything is free.

Swinging or Swingin'
Usually used in a sentence, like: This place is swinging. A Very Popular Phrase if you were around when the original Rat Pack was around.

Burn Card
This is the card removed from play after a shuffle and cut. The card is placed on the bottom of the discard deck.

Rolling a twelve in craps
Craps Supervisor that sits in in the middle of the table

Casino Floor
Main Casino Cashier
Another term for a casino poker chip
Color Me Up
This will tell the dealer to make your smaller denomination chips a bigger denominations.
These are the tips for dealers.
The dealers call them tokes or tokens instead of tips

Vegas Sports Book
Las Vegas Odds
This one can be confusing but follow this rule of thumb
100 to 1 means for every dollar you bet and win you will get 100 dollars
Las Vegas Sports Betting Lines
Lines are used to event the odds of a sporting event.
Lines show the points that are added or subtracted to a teams final score.
For Example if the Bengals were playing Green Bay and the GB are favored by 7. The Bengals would be given a free 7 points so if they lost by 3 points, the bettors who bet for the Bengals would win by 4

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