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Las Vegas Buses - The Deuce Website

The Ace and the Deuce are owned by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada RTC for short, which also operates CAT and MAXRide. The Deuce is a bus that traverses the Las Vegas Strip and is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of transportation. You never have to wait more that 10 -15 minutes for the next bus, sometimes sooner. The buses are newer, comfortable and a great place to people watch.

The buses make good use of their stops. Make sure to push the stop requested button or the bus may not stop because no one else wants to depart, or there are no people waiting at the bus stop. This is especially important during the earlier or later hours.

The Cost:
$5.00 for a two hour pass
$7.00 24 hour pass, this pass is also good on transfers to CAT and MAX
$20.00 3 Day Pass
$65.00 30 Day Pass $1.25 for all CAT and MAX routes

$5.00 for a 24-hour Residential Pass (Non-Strip Routes)