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This one time at Band Camp, oh never mind...

The Players: Me, Shepherd, DV8R and lil’ Markie

When: One hour before our departure.

DV8R had to Rest before checking out, so quiet as mice we gathered all of the furniture that wasn’t nailed down and barricaded the bathroom door with it. I know, I know the bathroom door swings in! But non-the less we thought it was clever. Now for the coupe-de-grace we sneak out of the room to leave DV8R to his business. So time passes, the boys and I are in the lobby waiting and mulling over all the different scenarios of what DV8R found after his visit to the library, when low and behold the man emerges and man was he mad. Come to find out while he was Resting the service maid walked and saw the dismay in which we left the room and began swearing like a sailor on shore leave. DV8R still on the porcelain bus, started yelling through the door that he was still occupying the room, so hurriedly he cleaned up and tried exiting the Water Closet and about broke his will trying to climb over every thing to get out. True to his upbringing, he put everything back in its proper place. We still giggle like schoolgirls when some one tells the story.

DV8R’s Best Trip Ever

The Players: Me, Shepherd, lil’ Markie

When:One hour before departure

Again, DV8R has to Rest before departure time; we loaded up his carryon bag with the small leave-behinds the hotel places in the room for your reading enjoyment and all of the street smut we could bear to carry. So the departure and the ride home went smooth, he never noticed that his bag was so packed with crap that the zipper about busted. Well anyhow he gets home and his momma is waiting up to hear all about this Vegas Vacation, so he unzips his bag looking for the obligatory knickknack dice and shot-glass but, starts pulling out all of the binders, paper, magazines, TV-guides, and doesn’t really know why or how they got in there so he shows off anyway until. He gets to those little escort cards they hand out on the strip personally signed DV8R, had a great time last night, call me! I will end the story there, oh yeah, try to imagine his moms face!

Shepherd’s Loss of a BackStreet Boy

The Player: Shepherd

The Listeners: Me, lil’ Markie

Our hotel caters to the buffet lover who loves to eat through breakfast and lunch, mind you we are not, overweight Sloth (** Disclaimer** No animals were harmed in the writing of this story, and we are sorry if we offend any living Sloth or remaining ancestors or evolutionary evolvement of the aforementioned Sloth). Back to the story at hand, Shepherd who loves his buffets, (and who can blame him), ate too many fruit cups and had to make a pit-stop back in the room. While we walked hurriedly back to the suite, we kept the “running joke” going that after his evacuation he will lose enough of what he ate to equal a “BackStreet Boy.” After arriving in our room, Shepherd with his tail between his legs rushed, ok ran to the “WC” and let out a noise that was worthy of a courtesy flush after the first 10seconds, all along singing BackStreet Boys tunes like they were falling into the water.

Hoagy’s run-in with the sky-galley

Players: Shepherd

Lucky me, I was sitting in First Class (FC) and was feeling a bit spry. So I went back to see the boys in coach, to find out what shenanigans they were up to. After a short visit I felt compelled to go back in first class ask the flight attendant to fill a drink order for my mates back in coach. She thought that was a nice gesture and rounded up some Bloody Mary’s, and delivered the goods. Minding my own business I reclined and put my phones on and started dozing off. WHAM, the next thing I knew my right headset was covering my right eye and the FA gave me the dirtiest look I have seen in a while, and said, “They didn’t know you!!” Found out later that Shepherd told the FA that I have been stalking them ever since they were in the men’s bathroom in our departure city. WOW, that FA was MAD! As a side note she realized the prank after we all boarded the plane after our layover.

Cab Money what’s that?

Players: Me

I flew out with a friend for a day trip a while back and did the mandatory 40-mile march up and down the strip. So we proceeded to gamble and have a swinging time. The day grew short and we needed to head back to the airport to catch a lift home. So we proceeded to the corner and flagged down a cab. I was asked by my dame “do you have enough dough.” I checked my wallet. Puzzled by the vacancy, I asked her “how much you’s got?” I got the look of puzzlement from her too. She began reminiscing about all of my money she lost playing slots. We were down by the Circus Circus with no bread. I had 35cents to my name. I could’ve swiped my card, but being the player that I am, I bet 25cents of my last 35 and hit. Needless to say I am not stranded.