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How to Play Poker in Las Vegas:

These tips will help make your Las Vegas poker experience great

Las Vegas is the place for high-stakes excitement, and one of the best ways to get that adrenaline rush is playing poker. With coverage from ESPN’s World Series of Poker and other media outlets, the poker scene is rapidly expanding and new players join daily to learn how to play poker. If you are new to the poker scene, or poker in Las Vegas, the following tips will help ease your transition:

Don’t Get Taken Advantage of:

With more experienced Las Vegas poker players lurking around every corner to take your money, it’s a good idea to be selective about when to call. Folding hands will give you an opportunity to last longer in things such as Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments and learn more from the players around you, as well as observing a variety of situations that arise during play. The more you play, the more you will get a feel for when to fold and when to attack. This way, you’ll be more prepared when your big opportunity comes up.

Be Smart, Play Cool:

All of the poker books in the world won’t teach you to calm down and play the smart hands. Being a risk-taker has its rewards, but eventually a lucky streak will end. Have a strategy, know the good hands, and things will work out, whether you’re playing poker in Las Vegas or anywhere else.

Don’t Get Wound Up in the Heat of the Moment:

Nothing can ruin a big hand worse than a “freak out.” If you get too excited or nervous during an important hand, all of your hard work in prior hands can be lost instantly. Remember the basics, play the odds, and most of all, relax! It takes time to learn how to play poker, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities if you stick with it.

Don’t Hold a Grudge or Get an Attitude:

Beyond your own experience, the other people at your table would like to enjoy a good time as well. You’re there to enjoy the experience, so make sure those around you do also. Nobody likes to see a sore loser’s temper tantrum because his Ace-King hand didn’t win. Leave the bad feelings at home when you arrive at the table.

Do Not Think You Are Better Than Everyone Else:

Just because you’ve won a few hands at home doesn’t mean you’re an expert at poker in Las Vegas. Even if you’re well versed on all the latest strategies and usually play well, the fact is that an arrogant winner is as bad as a sore loser when you’re playing. Don’t be that person.

Winning is Good, but it is OK to Come in Second:

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of beating everyone at the table and winning big, but there’s also nothing wrong with finishing near the top as well. Take pride in the fact that you did well enough to be close, and with a few different cards, things may have been different. You can play the percentages all you want, but sometimes, the cards don’t fall your way. You’ll be ready for the World Series of Poker in no time.

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