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Las Vegas Golf, Tennis and Bowling

Las Vegas is known for its gambling and shows, but did you know that Vegas is a great way to get away and play a round of golf or some tennis? Las Vegas has an abundance of golf courses scattered around the metropolis area. You do not have to confine yourself just to playing courses owned by a casino, however. There are some great public and private/membership courses you could try.

Most of the older casinos have tennis courts and exercise facilities as well as golf.

Don't forget about bowling! Vegas has an abundance of bowling lanes, and they are usually open really late. The best way to experience this is to get your friends and mosey off to the bowling alley at 3am.

If you are still unsure, e-mail us with your requirements and we will be happy to give you our free unbiased opinion. Vegas Questions
(We all were “newbies” at one time).

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